Teach, coach and practice organizing


Tatua’s flagship initiative, the Tatua Fellowship is driven by the urgent call to end massive inequality in the availability and access to basic public services among poor and marginalized communities. While we deal with the complex and systemic existence of poverty as result of the world’s unequal distribution of resources, we at Tatua also see the continued negligence of leaders with authority and responsibility over public resources to fix and align such resources to serve by bridging these gaps appropriately in urban, peri-urban and rural areas

Tatua Fellowship works with emerging leaders in such communities to build and tap into grass root agency that builds strong social movements pushing for accountability in representation especially in matters of public resources. This way, we believe that the world will slowly but surely begin to shift the power dynamics that promote inequality at local and national levels. Tatua Kenya believes that the most authentic and sustainable answer comes from the affected communities - because those closer to or affected by a problem are best placed to solve it. As the saying goes, "they know best where the shoe pinches."


What is a community led movement?

A community run movement is an initiative, led by local community members to create long-term change by using their own resources. The focus and tactics of those movements vary from communities and different strategies and actions to achieve change. This type of movement results in increased volunteerism, community resilience and new/reinforced pressure on accountability for public resources.

What visible change will I be able to see as a result of the Fellowship program?
  • The Fellows develop as leaders and organizers who can work effectively with any community to run any campaign.
  • A committed community of people who agree to take a particular action of change.
  • A community movement that addresses a specific challenge with leaders who can start other movement to address social change going forward.
  • An indelible experience of real time leadership from on ground practice and coaching
  • What is the tatua fellowship?

    The fellowship is a 6-month community-based experience, working with fellows in their respective communities to kick off a campaign around a priority issue. Here, we learn by doing, giving fellows the runway to apply immediately what they are learning through an intense training and coaching process. The campaigns are entry points to build a collective experience for the community for a first time and demonstrate how much more they could do if United towards a common purpose. Often, we have seen more campaigns come out of the initial experience, where more people are stepping up to address issues, they care about through community led movements - to sustain momentum of the changes they are calling for.

    Tatua Kenya's training methodology has been adapted and contextualized from the organizing practice of the global community at the leading change network. We have been affiliated with the network since 2012.