Who We Are

Why are we unique?

1. Systems change

Tatua Kenya is founded on the principle and intention of sustained solutions to poverty and violence. To do this, we have to keep our commitment to address the root causes of the problems we see every day which seeks a systemic diagnosis and approach to understand the eco – system of the problem.

Problems of poverty of violence are sustained by our own human actions even when we don’t see or realize the effects of our day to day behavior. Our aim is to develop a critical mass of grass root leadership that is able to establish real processes of action with their communities to change behaviors where needed but also push back harmful systems.

More to that, we believe that community solutions will be sustained by connecting their social and economic gains to the political system that governs and protects communal and state resources and/or policies at large. Therefore, vulnerable communities have to build their resilience to engage with political spaces and networks – that have mostly been the powerful status quo working against them. However, for such communities to thrive, they have to establish clear paths of engaging such systems to work for them as well as push back where necessary to sustain their development gains.

2. Learning and action

We appreciate the value of continuous learning and improvement. Our goal is to ensure that we are able to adapt to new challenges in a complex world. To do this, we ensure that all our approaches, content and strategies are information based to model good examples to our fellows and partners.

The local social sector has historically been largely driven by emotional connections to people. However, as the world greatly shifts to a knowledge based economy, this sector will not be spared either. We have to move swiftly and engage with continuous learning and development of new practical methodologies that will sustain any local development gains from the past, the current and moving into the future.

3. Developing leadership at the grass root

We approach community organizing from a value of human capacity. We greatly value the intrinsic power of every individual to act for change. This means, that we do not go into communities to lead and fix agendas, rather fundamentally develop the leadership the fellows who have stepped up from their communities amongst many - to lead a solution for an issue that angers them.

However, we strive to support our fellows to establish movements of people that canvas around a particular issue of priority that they can address together. This way, it’s not just about the glory of an individual leader but to model the power that lives within a community’s organization to make change. In the end, it’s no longer about the leadership of just one hero but all those who stepped up to join the movement and work.

4. Global perspectives connecting with local action

If one community changes, the rest of the world has to change – otherwise these changes are lost in the wind. It often seems like this is an argument for an ideal world. Let’s think about it: If one country Is seeking to change its trade laws and conditions, then all other trading countries have to adapt to the new changes for this change to come live and realize it’s intended impact.