Who We Are

At Tatua Kenya we see "poverty"as the powerless posture that someone else needs to ‘solve our problem.' Poverty is more than a lack of resources; it is a belief that you are in fact, inferior to the people who hold those resources. It is a belief that you do not have the power to create your own solutions. Communities and segments of people who have been oppressed and marginalized over time can easily give up on their will to seek justice. So how might we unlock the real power of affected communities to lead with solutions slowly but surely with their own resources?

Over the years, we have also learnt that change is not enough with communities only working together. Real change must be integrated into larger systems of society to be sustained in the long run. There's plenty of evidence around the world to show that communities can protect the changes they seek for through new policies and legislation to ensure that generations to come are thriving in New discoveries. So this is really about turning the wheels from works of charity to work of Justice. We must support communities to confront systemic injustices of Poverty!

Tatua Kenya Values

AS we strive to solve societal predicaments an achieve our mission and vision, We value:


We believe a society should be set up in a way that allows people to enjoy and exercise their inalienable rights, be able to realize their full potential and promote mutual accountability between people and institutions.


We believe everyone has the capacity to achieve greatness. We see this capacity in all regards of their circumstances. We treat everyone with the respect they deserve and create cultures that promise holistic wellbeing.


We believe in the importance of diverse people coming together to build meaningful relationships founded on trust, shared responsibility and the desire to work together towards a common purpose.


We believe that people should live and act in honesty and fairness; in a manner that builds trust and responsibility.


We believe in the ability to collect individual, community, and natural resources and use them efficiently to create adaptable and long lasting solutions. We see this resources in abundance amongst us and believe that when they are utilized equitability, there is enough for everyone.


We believe leadership is when an individual takes responsibility to enable their community to achieve purpose in the face of uncertainity. They do this through active listening, open mindedness and y building a platform for creating inclusive solutions. A servant leader heals division while exposing the power of community.